History of the building

The first information about this building comes from 1539. In 1600 this place was outskirts of Klaipeda and was called “horses pasture”. In the second part of XVII century – Krumamiestis. Contours of the house first time were found in 1768 in Klaipeda city plan. The house number 5 was rebuilt in the second part of XVIII century, when instead of a street there was a “goose market”, and at that time there was a pub in the house.

In the beginning of XIX century the “goose market” became a transit street. The street was planted with trees and name Liepu. There was a square at the end of the street, where in 1898 was built a monument for the king Wilhelm. Liepu street became an important street – avenue of the city. In the end of XIX century and in the beginning of XX century the street was named by Alexander, in the years of the Lithuania independence it was named by president A.Smetona, after 1939 annexation, it was given the name of A.Hitler. In the second part of XIX century the house became tenancy.

In 1998 the building was restored and adopted for a new purpose of business center.